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Care. Compassion. Dignity. 

Ang Chin Moh Group provides a wide range of services to serve grieving families and the dearly departed. We are among the most established funeral directors in Singapore.

Our Brands

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Buddhist, Taoist 

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Catholic, Christian, non-religious funerals

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Funeral service parlours

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Memorial diamonds

International repatriation

Our Story

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Arriving from Nan’an County in Quanzhou, Fujian province, our founder, Mr. Ang See Karr saw the need for quality and essential funeral services for the Chinese community in Singapore. A humble shop at Upper Pickering Street opposite the old Police Headquarters was subsequently founded and under the name “Ang Chin Huat Casket”, funerary services for the Chinese communities began. At the point of founding in 1912, we are one of the few funeral companies in Singapore. Indeed, Ang Chin Huat Casket is an early pioneer of the funeral profession that gradually evolved to become a one-stop funeral service in Singapore.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Care, Compassion, and Dignity are at the heart of what we do. Ang Chin Moh Group participates in a wide range of CSR activities to give back to the community.  

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